Spring 2016

Greetings in the name of Christ. What an amazing God we serve! He has blessed in so many ways, and so we strive to pass those blessings on to others.We have seen and experienced God at work in a variety of ways over the last few months.

Ministry News:
In April we started translating/writing two short Low German devotionals per week to send to Bolivia (and elsewhere as requested) for use in the schools. They are being used to teach Bible lessons, while at the same time helping the children to read and write. Some parents have also asked for them for use for family devotions.

We have done many programs locally in Manitoba in April and May, with a fundraising supper/concert on May 29th. That was a great success, and the funds that came in make it possible to have Andrew and Jason travel and sing with us throughout the summer. Also, some of that will go towards a ministry trip to Bolivia in the next while, when God opens the door for that.

In June we left for a northern Alberta ministry tour for just over two weeks. We started with three programs in Grande Prairie, AB. From there we continued to Peace River for another three programs. After that we traveled to La Crete where we sang at the Gospel Festival for three days. By June 22nd we were in Two Hills, AB, where we did one more program before we headed back home.

At the same time, we have been hard at work to continue building/finishing our ministry rooms in our basement. This includes a recording studio. We were doubly blessed while we went to northern Alberta when a prayer group from our home church volunteered to mud and paint our basement. What a blessing. Thanks so much.

We finally finished with recording on our next English CD. That has been a long process as our boys were away so much in college. Now we just need to wait while the studio does the rest of the mixing/editing.

We also continued with the Low German music nights till the end of May. Overall,they have been well received. The plan is to start up again in the fall if the Lord wills.

Nettie has worked hard on a Low German songbook and that is almost done. We are hoping to start printing them shortly.

We have even opened a YouTube channel for Low German music videos. We still have lots to learn, but we are getting lots of positive feedback from that.

There are still more requests coming in from Alberta and other places for Low German Sunday School materials. We are hoping to look into this over the summer months to see what can be done by the time Sunday School starts up again in the fall.

Family News:
Andrew, our oldest son, graduated from Steinbach Bible College at the end of April with a three-year degree. We are so pleased with him in that. Way to go, Andrew.

Jason, our second son, finished his first year at the same Bible Collegewith plans to go back in the fall for another year. Good choice, Jason. Keep it up.

Matthew, our third son, has been working for almost a year after high school to earn money with plans to go to that same college. What a blessing to see our sons make godly choices like that. Thank you, Matthew, for a great choice.

Mark, our youngest son,finished grade 10 early in our local high school so that he could go on tour with us to northern Alberta. Good job, Mark. Thanks for working so hard.

– For health, strength, and energy to keep on translating, singing, traveling, etc. It truly is a blessing to do this together as a family.
– For safety in travel. God has blessed us with safe travels over many miles.
– For a receptive audience that keeps asking for more resources. That keeps us motivated and encouraged to continue.
– For friends and supporters who step up and help out so that this ministry can happen.
– For financial supporters who make it possible for us to do this ministry. We could certainly not do it without their help.

Please pray …
– For wisdom from God to know howto continue with this ministry as the boys get older and start to make their own career choices.
– That the boys will make God-honoring choices as they seek to follow God.
– For funds that will permit the traveling that we have been asked to do.
– For wisdom to know how to focus our time and energy on what is really important as new opportunities keep coming our way.
– For wisdom to set up and start with the recording, both audio and video, of radio programs and YouTube videos.

For Your Information:
In the recent past we have had several requests for more specific online information about the ministry we do, including how to make online donations to our D’Friesens ministry account. Therefore,we have included some additional information.

We have set up a website where we list some general information about us as a family, the ministry we do, and our travel/singing schedule. Feel free to visit us there at DFriesens.org.

We have also started a YouTube channel for Low German music videos.

If you are interested in making online donations to our ministry account, simply click on this link Multi-nation Missions Foundation to be rerouted to the Missions Foundation that we serve with. When you get to their home page, simply click on their Donate page to start the process. In the first section, right below the amount to be donated, click on the box to designate this donation to a specific fund. That should open a drop-down menu under which you can find all the missionaries that work with MMF. We are simply listed as Friesen’s. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.

Thanks for your prayers and support. May God bless you richly.