Current and Ongoing Projects

Studio Albums

At the heart of our ministry, there are always more recording projects in progress. These albums include both English and Plautdietsch recordings. Currently there are several new albums in progress.

Notated Sinjt Froo! Songbook #1

The original Sinjt Froo! Low German Songbook has been available for several years. We are working on a notated songbook, providing music notation and guitar chords.

Sinjt Froo! Book #2

A follow up of the first Low German songbook, this songbook will feature 200 more songs that have been/ are being translated and compiled.

Kjikj Nopp! Bible Study for Adults

This Bible Study book is based on Andrew Friesen's radio program Kjikj Nopp! Participants will listen through the relevant program, then dive deeper into the passage, what it means and how it impacts daily living. A leader's guide and student workbook are in the works. This is a series that will eventually have multiple books.

Children's Sunday School

Jeschichten von Jesus is a children's Sunday School curriculum designed for young children. There are currently five books completed, and the plan is to release several more. There is a student's book, a teacher's guide, and an activities for each book.

Family Devotional Series

Jieda Dach met Jesus is a devotional series for young families. Each book is a collection of stories. There is a Bible verse for each day, and a story that goes along with it and a Biblical lesson. There are four books completed with more in the works.

Low German Coloring Books

These coloring books are meant for small children, and give them a fun activity while also providing Low German writing to practice reading. All the coloring pages have a short write-up going with the image. There are currently two Bible story coloring books and one other book, with more in development.

YouTube Guitar Lessons

This is a guitar lesson video series on Youtube by Jason Friesen. It covers the basics of how a guitar works and how to play. The end goal is that those who go through all the videos will be able to play and lead singing in their home churches, youth groups, small groups and so on. Approximately half of the videos are complete, the rest are in development.