About Us

Diedrich and Nettie

Diedrich and Nettie have been playing music together since before they got married! Over the years they have served in many different church and missionary roles, and as the kids came along they just started helping too! They use their unique gifts and experiences to write and translate music and Christian resources in Low German and English as well as travel around the world, singing, teaching and preaching. They create kid’s devotional material, and Sunday School curriculum in Low German. As the founders of D’Friesens they bring direction and guidance to the rest of the team.

Andrew and Deanna

Living in La Crete, Alberta, Andrew and Deanna are heavily involved in music and teaching. Having grown up in a musical missionary family, Andrew is familiar with the work his parents do. Together they join Diedrich and Nettie on longer international trips, as well as sharing and singing in their home area. They also write and translate music and resources, and Andrew creates a weekly Low German radio program. They are the proud parents of two small boys, Eli and Jade.

Jason and Teya

Jason started full time in mission work in 2021. Together he, his wife Teya, and their daughter Soren live in Winkler, Manibota. Jason does all kinds of random stuff, like tech support, graphic design, photography, music, writing bible study, and making guitar lesson videos. He can’t make up his mind!

Matthew and Nikki

While Matthew isn’t officially a member of D’Friesens, he’s a part of the family, and in mission work that is the same thing in many ways! He and his wife Nikki just got married, so we are super excited for them! Matthew has experience playing in another band, and helps out occasionally at live performances playing bass guitar. He also enjoys working on the sound board which is super handy!


The youngest of all the boys, Mark joined D’Friesens full time in 2020. He keeps busy finding and editing pictures for coloring books, helping with live performances, recording and maintenance. He’s also pretty handy in the kitchen and loves spending time with his niece and nephews.