About Us

    Diedrich Friesen

    I was born in Blue Creek, Belize, to Jacob & Nettie Friesen. I was the third of six siblings. I attended the Linda Vista School where I finished grade ten. Having a desire to finish high school, I, along with a few others from Blue Creek, finished grade 12 at King’s College in Maskall, Belize. Later I went on to attend the Aylmer Bible School for one year (1988-1989) where I met Nettie, who would become my wife in September of 1989. Together, Nettie and I have been so blessed in so many ways. We could never have imagined how God would lead us as only He can. He is amazingly good. He deserves all the praise of a lifetime.

      Nettie Friesen

      I was also born in Blue Creek, Belize, to Wilhelm & Katherina Harder. I am the second of five siblings who, along with my parents, moved to Ontario when I was eight years old. I attended the Aylmer Bible School from 1988-1990. It was there that I met Diedrich, whom I would marry in 1989. Since then we have had numerous adventures together. We have traveled together to many different places in the service of our great God and King. We look forward to a lifetime of service together. All praise to God.

        Andrew Friesen

        During the summer of 1991, we moved from Ontario to Steinbach, Manitoba, to attend the Steinbach Bible College. We both studied full-time and graduated together in the spring of 1993. Shortly after that, our first son–Andrew James Friesen–was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Andrew has graduates from Steinbach Bible College in the spring of 2016. In June 2017, Andrew married Deanna in La Crete, Alberta, Canada, where they continue to live. Deanna also grew up in a musical family, in La Crete, AB.  She has always been passionate about serving the Lord with her gifts. Currently, they also serve with D’Friesens in a variety of settings such translating and writing songs and devotionals to provide the Low German people with resources.

          Jason Friesen

          Jason Friesen grew up on the mission field where his parents ministered to Low German Mennonites. While currently living in Manitoba, Canada, with his wife, Teya, and daughter, Soren, Jason has travelled across North and South America to bring the Gospel message to others through music. Together with his parents, Diedrich and Nettie Friesen, of D’Friesens Music and More, he creates, records, and performs music, translates materials, and provides other Gospel and music-related resources to the Low German-speaking people in their own language. Another of his roles is to provide computer tech support and graphic design for this ministry.

            Matthew Friesen

            Matthew Caleb Friesen was also born during that time in Blue Creek in Orange Walk Town. It was also during this time that our eyes were starting to open to the vast needs around us and where our hearts were touched to commit to more service for Christ. With that in mind, we left Belize to go back to SBC for more studies in youth and pastoral ministry. Matthew graduated from grade 12 in Winkler, Manitoba, from the Northlands Parkway Collegiate in the spring of 2015. He now works full-time at Grandeur Housing in Winkler with plans to save money for Bible College. Way to go Matthew. Again we say, “Praise the Lord!” God is good.

              Mark Friesen

              Mark is in grade 10 already at the Northlands Parkway Collegiate in Winkler. Wow! How time has flown. Keep up the good work, Mark. Praise the Lord, He is always faithful. We are so glad that God’s ways are higher than our ways. And so it came about that we stayed in southern Manitoba longer than we had anticipated. We settled in the village of Reinland, Manitoba, where we joined the Reinland EMMC. We helped along as we could, and even served as deacons for a term. Early in our stay in Reinland, Mark William Friesen was born in 2000. After that it would take till 2004 before we returned to the mission field abroad, this time in Shipyard, Belize.