Q3 2021 Newsletter

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9

With thanksgiving right around the corner, this verse seemed especially fitting. If farmers gave up halfway through the season, their harvest would not amount to much! And so it is with our work. If we ever start to feel weary and defeated, God never fails to lift us up and encourage us! He has sent us many friends, supporters and loving family members who add joy and energy to everything we do! It is especially uplifting when we see people come forward after a service either to pray a prayer of repentance for the first time in their lives, or to ask for prayer for other personal reasons. It is so encouraging and uplifting to see the Spirit move in people’s hearts and bring about everlasting change!

Looking Back

Although our schedule was not quite back to normal, we had quite a few more events this summer than last summer. The restrictions in Manitoba had eased up quite a bit, so we were thankful to be able to hold several small fundraising concerts as well as sing for other, mostly local events. We made one trip to Redcliff, Alberta, before they shut down again for Covid-19, and had a wonderfully blessed time. We saw God move and touch lives in encouraging ways. It was so good to be in that community again, see lots of familiar faces and make some wonderful new friends.

At the end of July, we held a fundraising garage sale to help our son, Jason, boost his account with MMF. It was a lot of work, but it was a real success in our books! We are very grateful to all the people who helped. There were some very generous people from our congregation who stepped up and ran some creative fundraisers for us as well, and we thank each of them for their hard work and generous spirit! God provides in amazing ways!

In our offices we have continued with the writing projects such as Sunday School curriculum, song books, devotion books, activity books for kids, and of course, recording music. Several of these projects are pretty much ready to be sent to the printers!

Looking Ahead

These days it’s pretty difficult to see what is coming even in the very near future! We have no idea what the health restrictions will be like from week to week! But praise God, He is in control and knows exactly what is coming our way! Our plan is to go where He sends, do what He asks, and trust Him to provide the opportunities and the means! We hope, if all goes well to have a new Bible Story coloring book, a new devotional book and the Sunday School curriculum through book 5 printed and available to the public well in time for Christmas. We also hope to have at least the Low German Christmas album ready for sale by the beginning of the Christmas season. We are not sure about the English one, but we are going to give it our best effort! At the very least we plan to release a few English songs as singles, if we can’t get the whole album completed.

As always, it is a great privilege for us to be doing this work with our family. Thank you to each of you, for your support and encouragement. None of this would be happening without your involvement! We pray God’s greatest blessings on you all.

Praise For

  • Good health. Amazingly none of us has had COVID-19!
  • The energy and fresh insights Jason and Mark bring to our work.
  • The people who have recently come to the Lord and committed their lives to Him!
  • God’s faithful provision for all of su in this ministry.
  • All the wonderful organizations and individuals that we can partner with.

Pray For

  • The people who have recently come to the Lord in faith, and their spiritual growth.
  • Continued health and energy.
  • Openness to new and creative ways of reaching our people for the Lord.
  • Continued financial support.
  • This virus to end, if it’s God’s will, and that the world would be open and responsive to God’s call. Pray for a great harvest!