Q1 2022 Newsletter

Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.

Ephesians 5:19

We are so thankful to be back to a life of traveling and singing! Thank you all for sticking with us, and continuing to support us in prayer and finances during the shut downs. Together, we can keep on impacting the Low German world for the Kingdom!

Looking Back

One of the highlights of the last few months was our (Diedrich and Nettie’s) trip to Belize. We went at the request of MMF and the church in Little Belize, with the mandate to be an encouraging presence and help out in whatever way was needed while their pastor was studying at the Bible School in Mexico. Our time there consisted mainly of helping the youth worship teams further their musical skills by having regular practice sessions with them, helping with the music on Sunday mornings and leading their weekly sing along service, where Diedrich also preached a short message each time. They also asked us to sing a concert style program each Friday night. We spent a lot of time visiting people in their homes, getting re- acquainted with many of them, hearing their stories, meeting new people and trying to be an encouragement and a blessing.

As a side project, Diedrich made some small improvements on the ministry house in preparation for its next occupants. We ended our time in Belize by helping the church hold a music event on our final Sunday there. We had spent some time practicing with the youth and they did a great job singing for the audience and for the Lord. We, as D’Friesens, also sang quite a bit and ended the evening with a wiener roast and fellowshipping together over desserts and coffee. It was so good to see a large turnout, with many people from the surrounding community as well as Blue Creek joining in. The youth of that church are on fire for the Lord and are burdened to reach the community with the Gospel. Please pray for this church, as the struggles, both financial and spiritual, are very real, and the enemy would like nothing better than for them to give up and go back to the old ways. But we are confident, that He who began this work in them will carry it on to completion! (Philippians 1:6)

Another highlight was the trip we took to Bow Island, Alberta, at the end of March, where we spent an extended weekend with Andrew and Deanna, singing and ministering to a brand-new EMC church plant. We were blessed to be able to renew acquaintances from previous visits, as well as meet many new friends! We look forward to working with this church in future events!

Andrew and Deanna were out here for most of January, helping us get with another recording project, as well as developing several brand-new songs! We have been able to re-launch the Plautdietsch music nights that were cancelled during the shut downs. We have also finished the recording and editing of the Low German Christmas CD! The final mixing and mastering have been passed on to someone else, so we are planning to release that album before the Christmas season! The second book in the Bible Story Coloring Book series is complete and ready for sale!

Looking Ahead

It is gearing up to be quite a busy spring and summer, with weekends being taken up with Music Festivals! A trip to Bolivia is planned for May and a joint Canadian tour with David Toews for the month of July. This is a promotional and fundraising tour for 1Gloowen’s Low German ministries. We always have projects that are ongoing: more recordings, videos for YouTube, devotional books and Sunday School and adult Bible Study materials. Look for the fifth book in the children’s devotional series to be available soon, as well the first study guide for the Book of Mark that Jason has been developing from Andrew’s Kjikj Nopp radio program. Additionally, we are planning to increase our on-line presence, with regular updates to be posted on our website, about our trips and events with more detail than newsletters and social media posts allow.

Dreaming About the Future

The ministry keeps growing, and we can’t seem to keep up! We would so much love to add another person to our team, who would be primarily responsible for running the sound equipment at events, helping with recording projects, and doing the editing, mixing and mastering, on a full-time basis. Andrew and Diedrich are very proficient at this, but are already overly busy, and so having another person would be such a blessing. The recording projects could be completed so much faster, and therefore we could do more of them! There is someone who is very interested, and together we are praying about this and exploring the possibilities. Please join us in prayer as we seek God’s guidance and provision in this matter.

Mark’s Corner

Besides helping my parents with several local events (such as the Plautdietsch music nights) I have been kept quite busy preparing a new coloring and activity book. Many hours of my day go into creating the best quality pictures I am capable of! There has been some additional time in the studio this quarter as well, as we are working on several albums again. This also requires a lot of practice time, both with the group and alone with my guitar. When my parents are on one of their ministry trips, I am in charge of day-to-day operations at home, such as answering phone calls, and filling and delivering orders as they come in. The cleaning and maintaining of offices and equipment is on my regular “to do” list as well. There’s always plenty to keep me busy, and although I spend most of my time behind the scenes, this is a work I truly enjoy and I believe it has eternal impact. I am thankful for everyone who has contributed financially so that I can be here to help with the workload, and I look forward to connecting with more of you at live events this spring and summer!

Praise God For

  • The way God has continued to work His plans and purposes even during the pandemic.
  • The continued financial provision for all of us currently working with D’Friesens.
  • The fact that we have mostly remained healthy, and are able to carry on with the work, whether at home or on the rod.
  • Our amazing and dedicated advisory board and all they do to encourage us and keep us focused.
  • The exciting possibilities opening up as restrictions continue to ease and a more normal schedule becomes a reality.

Pray For

  • The Church in Little Belize, that they would continue to grow in their understanding of the faith, and be a light that draws the community to the Lord Jesus.
  • The new church plant in Bow Island, Alberta, (as well as their sister congregation in Red Cliff, that has been very instrumental in getting this new church going, and have therefore “given up” some very valued and talented leaders to help in the Bow Island church). Pray that both churches would continue to shine in their respective communities and that God would direct the right people to each congregation to help them grow to their God-given potential.
  • The trips and events being planned for the next few months. Pray that God would go ahead of us and prepare the hearts of the people, that plans could be implemented smoothly, that travel would be safe and that we would be in the right mind and attitude to be used of God for His purposes.
  • The possibility of adding another person to our team. Pray that we would give God total control and not run ahead of Him, and that if He so leads, the financial support would also come together.