“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Wow! It seems we just started a new year, and now we are more than three months into it already. And what a year it is turning out to be! Whatever our circumstances, we can always depend on God to make a way through, just as He always has!
Our current situation:
We have received numerous kind inquiries as to how we are faring with the whole Virus crisis that is going on. We are happy to report that so far, we are doing fine. We are committed to continuing in this ministry as long as there are funds to do so. Although our public events have been canceled or postponed for the near future, there is still much work to do. We are proceeding with the Sunday School curriculum. Our hope is to use this time to get ahead a little bit, rather than working Sunday by Sunday. Our weekly devotionals are also continuing since many are being sent to homeschooling families and thus are still needed at this time. We finally have some time to devote to the notated song book we have been working on, and the Christmas albums we started recording with Andrew and Deanna in February are still a work in progress. Additionally, we are attempting to increase our on-line and social media presence in order to keep connected with our people.
Obviously, the canceled events will have an impact on our funding. We are quite dependent on fundraisers and the honorariums that come with live events, so we are trusting God to keep us going through this time. Donations are needed as much as ever, so if anyone is sensing God’s directions to give to this ministry, feel free to contact us directly using the contact info at the end of this letter, or contact MMF. All donations will be gratefully accepted.
One of our goals for this year was to raise enough support for our son Jason to be able to join us in an official capacity. He has for several years been helping us on a contract basis as projects came up. However, with the increased demand for bookings and materials in Plautdietsch, we all sensed God calling him to come on board more consistently. The funding for that was to be jumpstarted by several fundraisers. At this point, we are still committed to having him join us, but we all realize the need to wait on God for the funding to come through. Your prayers for Jason and Teya are also greatly needed and appreciated, as they continue to work, wait, and trust.
Looking back:
Late last year, we received numerous invitations to spend considerable time in several different places from January through March. The first of these invitations came from the Little Belize Colony in Belize. After much prayer and discernment, it was decided that Diedrich would go spend four weeks in Belize in January and February, while Nettie would stay home to carry on with various projects in the office. So on January 22, Diedrich left for Belize and spent most of his time on the colony, preaching, leading music nights, Bible studies, youth nights, and music instruction classes. All this was to offer support and encouragement to the church there in the temporary absence of their pastor couple, Wilf and Margaret Unrau. He also did a lot of personal connecting and visitation with the people in the church as well as those still in the colony system, but who are searching for the truth of God’s Word.
Diedrich injured his knee almost as soon as he arrived in Belize and was confined to crutches for the duration of his time there. This greatly hindered his mobility, but as we stated before, God always has a way. Dan Peters, a friend from our local church in Winkler, MB, had planned to join Diedrich for a few weeks in Little Belize, and it turned out to be a wonderful fit! His help was greatly appreciated for the two weeks he was there. With his help, things progressed mostly as planned. As soon as Diedrich arrived back from Belize, we started on our next two recording projects, together with Andrew and Deanna. We made good progress on them and hope to finish the recording in the next few months. Within a few weeks of returning home, the covid-19 crisis was starting to wreak havoc around the world, and much has changed since then. We encourage all of you, wherever you are, to keep looking to God, hold on to him, and stay faithful. He the Sovereign Lord, and He is still in control! The good news of His love and salvation is needed more than ever in this day and age. Let’s keep sharing this Gospel with our world!
Praise God for:
  • A blessed and fruitful time in Belize. God is moving among our people!
  • God’s faithful provision for Diedrich and Nettie, as well as Andrew and Deanna.
  • Jason and Teya’s willingness to follow God’s call into this ministry.
  • The increased time we are able to spend with our family at home during these days of social isolation
Pray for:
  • God to move and touch many hearts and lives through this global pandemic, and that through it all, His name would become known throughout the world and that He would be glorified.
  • The health of all the missionaries working in the field to be protected so that the Kingdom’s work can continue.
  • The funding needs of all those missionaries to be met.
  • The funding to come in for us to continue in this ministry, and especially so that Jason can join us on a more permanent basis.
  • Andrew and Deanna as the birth of their little one quickly approach amid the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Peace in our hearts and the ability to trust God throughout all this uncertainty.
To make a donation to Diedrich and Nettie, Andrew and Deanna, or Jason and Teya, please go to Multi-Nation Missions Foundation Donation page by clicking the button below and scroll down to where you find them listed:
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