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Thank you so much for stopping by. We are honored that you would drop in for a visit. We pray you will be blessed during your time with us.

We are a Bible-believing Christian family and we want it to show by how we live. We love sharing the Gospel through our own unique blend of Southern Gospel and Blue Grass Gospel music. Our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through singing and preaching in both English and Low German (Plautdietsch).

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Valley Christian Academy, Osler, Saskatchewan

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Second Quarter 2018

Psalm 115:1, “Not to us, oh,Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

The Lord is faithful! He proves it to us over and over again. Our hope and desire is to give Him all honor and glory for all He is and does! Every song we sing, every devotional we write and every sermon we preach is all meant to give glory to our great God, and hopefully touch a soul that needs to be encouraged or uplifted. Thank you all, our friends and supporters, for your prayers and encouragement. You are one of the ways that God proves His faithfulness…through you we receive much joy, strength and courage to continue to spread God’s love to our Low German brothers and sisters. It is a real privilege to be a part of the Family of God and to work in partnership with all of you to further His Kingdom.

These past three months…
…have been mostly spent in our home area of Winkler, Manitoba. With all the traveling we did during the winter, there were many projects needing to be completed in the office. We enjoyed singing at quite a few local events, with Andrew and Deanna joining us for three weeks to help with some concerts and a recording project. During the time they were here we got a lot of progress made on a new Low German CD.Our hope is to have this CD available by year’s end.

A special thank you to all who attended, helped with and donated at our annual spring fundraiser. It was a success and we appreciate all the support! We also thank Andrew and Deanna for making the long trip out here.

Book two of our Low German devotional series “Jieda Dach met Jesus” has been printed and released to stores. We are receiving more and more feedback from our readers and are very encouraged. Our prayer was that families and individuals could be strengthened in their walk with the Lord. We are hearing that quite a few children, as well as some adults have come to saving faith through reading these devotions, and we praise God for that. We invite you to pray with us for wisdom to continue to write stories that speak to the needs of the readers 2 and that many more could find salvation. Our goal is to have book three available before Christmas.

Just recently, we put together a little booklet entitled “30 Jeistliche Säajnungen fa Aule Kjristen” and it is printed and available for distribution. Last summer we had put together a simple pamphlet dealing with how to become a Christian, and it was in great demand at Low German events. This new booklet is kind of a follow up on that, describing the blessings and benefits of being a child of God. Again, our prayer is that it will be a real blessing and encouragement to many.

We have also had some challenges in the translation department. We had been asked to translate a certain Sunday School curriculum into Low German. We received the permission to translate it without a problem, but when it came to actually printing and publishing the material we hit some “road blocks” that we have not been able to overcome. But again, God is faithful, and provided several different curriculum for which we have received full permission to translate and publish, and distribute. So we are hard at work getting that translated. It is a long term project but we are excited about it and so are the churches that requested it. Pray with us that we will be able to get it done in a timely manner, and that God’s blessing will be on it, every step of the way.

Our in home recording studio has seen some action lately! Not only have we done some recording there ourselves, but we had a guest from Paraguay come to do a project there as well. David Toews and some of his Canadian

friends recorded a Low German project there a few weeks ago. It was a good time of connection with others involved in the same type of ministry as ourselves, and it was also a time of learning some of tricks of the trade. We praise God for giving us this studio! It saves many hours of packing up instruments and driving to other studios.

In the near future…
The churches in La Crete, Alberta,have been a source of real blessing and support to us over the years, and we were very blessed a while ago when a youth leader from there approached us about possibly sending a team of youth to our house to help us with some of the building that is still in progress!We are looking forward to having them here and working together with them to put the ceiling in our basement. This will pretty much finish the studio and office area. Also, they plan to help us build the cement pads at each of the entrances to our house. It will be a huge blessing to have those projects completed. Prayers for their safety in travel and work are much appreciated!

Several trips are planned for this summer. The first to southern Alberta on the weekend of July 20th, and shortly after that, to La Crete in early August. These events will be together with Andrew and Deanna. We look forward to ministering in those areas again! Then, in September there is another trip to Belize, where we will mostly be helping the young church in Little Belize. Diedrich and Nettie plan on being there about two weeks, and Andrew and Deanna have been asked to stay for about 2 months and help with setting up some youth and children’s ministries. Little Belize is an area that is heavy on our hearts and prayers for those young believers there are greatly needed and appreciated.

Our family…

It has been a blessing to have Jason and Teya living nearby in Winkler again. They both completed their studies at Steinbach Bible College and graduated in April. Although they are not with us full-time, they are a great asset to this work. She has been providing us with some wonderful stories that we translate into Plautdietsch and include in the devotional books, as well as doing a lot of our typing and filing etc. Jason is working hard on a lot of “behind the scenes” work that leaves us more time for traveling and singing and writing. He will be taking on such tasks as designing prayer cards, brochures, page layouts for books and all that type of technological work. He also plans to help with “in studio” music and recording, as well as local bookings whenever possible.

Andrew and Deanna have been very hard at work in La Crete as well. Their website is up and running. They are taking bookings with just the two of them, as well as teaming up with us for certain events. Andrew has been writing Low German devotionals geared for youth and young adults, and has been recording them for use on the radio wherever they are needed. He has also started posting them on a podcast that can be accessed from their website. We encourage everyone to check it out and support and encourage them in whatever way the Lord leads.

Our youngest two sons have been busy in their own ways as well. Matthew is still serving at the Bible Camp which keeps him very busy and unable to be with us at many events. We affirm him in his work though and are blessed to know he is serving others and being a blessing. Mark has just

finished his high school years! Graduation was this past week. That means one stage of life is over and another is beginning. He plans to work locally for now while prayerfully considering where God would have him be in the future. Whenever his schedule allows he still willingly joins us for local events. Your prayers for all of us are always appreciated!

Praise for:
– The positive feedback we receive from our listeners and readers. It is so encouraging to hear that this work is not in vain, but is bearing fruit by the power of the Holy Spirit!
– The people who have recently given their lives to Christ, (Also pray that they would continue to grow in their new faith).
– The successful fundraiser in May. This ministry is impossible without the support of others!
– All the good hearted people who give us their support, help and encouragement in so many ways!
– The way God is moving in the hearts of the Plautdietsch Mennonites all over the world.-The Lord’s presence in our lives, His faithfulness, protection, provision, strength, joy and love!

Pray for:
– The upcoming trips to Alberta and Belize. That hearts would be touched to respond to God’s call.
– Andrew and Deanna and the work they do to reach the younger generation of Low German Mennonites. That they would have wisdom and insight to know exactly what is needed in Little Belize during their two months there. Also that God’s hand would be on Andrew’s podcasts and radio devotionals, so that many could be blessed and strengthened in their faith.
– Jason and Teya as they join us on a part time basis.
– The devotionals we send out weekly, that they would continue to touch hearts and lead souls to faith in Christ.
– Sufficient funds for all the travel and projects now underway.

For more information about Diedrich and Nettie Friesen, you can email them at

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For more information about Multi-Nation Missions Foundation, you can visit their website at

If you wish to donate to Diedrich and Nettie or Andrew and Deanna, you may go to, click on the Donate page, and scroll down to where you find them listed.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support in this ministry. May God bless you for it.

Working together,that the world may know who Jesus is!

First Quarter 2018

“I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples.”(Psalm 108:3)

Looking back…
That verse sums up our last few months quite well! We have done a lot of singing, and a lot of traveling. We started 2018 by working hard to get ready for our ministry trip to Belize, along with keeping up our local bookings, and sending the children’s devotional stories every week. February came, and we were off to Belize! It was so wonderful to again have Andrew and Deanna with us. They add so much to the ministry and we, as well as all who come to listen,are very blessed by their presence. They connect very well with the youth and young adults, and it is just so good to have their help with all the work, visiting, counseling and prayer that is involved with this type of ministry.

We started our time in Belize with several concerts in Blue Creek and Spanish Lookout. From there we headed to Colonia Del Valle in southern Mexico and spent a few days with the dear people there. It is a small, new colony with only about 13 families at this point. They don’t have an established church at the moment, but are doing their best to meet together to worship and encourage each other in the faith. They were very hospitable and appreciative of our music. We grew to love this group dearly in the few days we were there. They are much in our prayers and thoughts.

We then spent a few days in Shipyard, where we were able to reconnect with many of the people we learned to know and love while we served there from 2004 through 2009. It was such a blessing to see the spiritual growth that had taken place in the last years, and also to meet new believers who have joined the church recently. It is so good to see the work continue. God is at work in Shipyard and we praise the Lord for what He is doing.

And finally, we spent a full week in Little Belize. This is a new work that is happening, with brand new believers whose needs are great, but so is their faith! We were invited into many homes for meals, and spent much time listening to their stories and praying with them and for them. They were very hungry for anything from God’s Word. They couldn’t seem to get enough music, stories, sermons and fellowship. Again, we felt ourselves falling in love with this group of people and wishing we had more time to spend with them to help them and encourage them in their faith. They face many challenges, but they are determined to continue on this journey of trusting God.

We arrived home on February 28th, and had just enough time at home to catch up with some chores, and touch base with the family, and then we were on the road again. This time to Redcliff/Medicine Hat and Bow Island, Alberta. The EMC conference has a church plant there and we were invited to come and hold a week of evening services. It was a mixture of concert and sermon evenings. It is hard to believe, but there are many thousands of Plautdietsche Mennonites in southern Alberta who have immigrated there from Mexico, and they too, are hungry to know the truth about God and His Word.

Andrew and Deanna also joined us for the time in Alberta, and again, connected so well with the younger crowd. One evening was dedicated to the youth, and Andrew had a great devotional challenge for them, and they seemed to love hearing their take on dating, and marriage. It was a blessing to many.

Looking forward…
With all this traveling, it is sometimes a challenge to keep up with the translation projects, but we do our best. We are looking forward to getting the second devotional book printed in the next week or two. We have quite a few concerts and programs booked locally, and are looking forward to having Andrew and Deanna join us for some of those. They will also be working with us on a new CD project, and we are hoping to produce some music to post online. We also continue to send two devotional stories a week, as well as working on a Sunday School curriculum. The needs are huge, and it feels like these projects take so much time, and go so slowly. But with the Lord’s help and your prayers and support, we can keep working!

Thank you…
As always we are very appreciative of all the prayer and financial support we receive from various people. None of this would be possible without that support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Praise for:
– The many open doors. People are hungry for God and His Word.
– Our many friends and supporters.
– The way people respond to Andrew and Deanna, and their commitment to serving God in this way.
– The commitments and recommitments we have been blessed to see lately.

Pray for:
– Many more to come to saving faith in Christ.
– Continued prayer and financial support.
– Continued joy for this work, for both us and Andrew and Deanna.
– That we could be a consistent, godly example for the people we meet.
– Wisdom for the many decisions we have to make.
– More willing workers to go labor in the “harvest fields”of our Low German people.