Welcome to D’Friesens’ online list of available products. If you wish to purchase any of our products, feel free to contact us and we can mail them to you.
At present we are only set up for mail orders, but in the near future we hope to have all our music available for online purchase and downloads. For now we accept payments by cheque or e-Transfer.

Our products are also available at the following businesses in Winkler:
Thousand Oaks Music Ministry
Die Mennonitische Post


“Believe” CD


Front Cover Song Titles
Believe CD 1. Stand By Me
2. The Family Bible
3. If You Believe
4. Send The Light
5. Gimmie, Gimmie
6. Without You
7. Who Can Do Anything
8. A Beautiful Life
9. Not To Us
10. Have I Done My Best?
11. Sweet Deliverance
12. The Love Of God
Back Cover
Believe CD


“Wundavoll” CD


Front Cover Song Titles
Wundavoll CD

1. Mien Jesus Ekj Leew Die
2. Woo Wundavoll
3. Jo Daut Es Soo
4. Onen Die, Har
5. Aules Jäw Ekj Han Fa Jesus
6. Vejät Nich
7. Jesus Roopt Aule Sinda
8. Schekj Daut Licht
9. Soo Frie, Gaunz Frie
10. Bliew Bie Mie
11. Ekj Jäw Mien Läwen
12. Doa Bie Jesus Em Himmel
Back Cover
Wundavoll CD


“Precious Memories” CD


Front Cover Song Titles
Precious Memories CD

1. Come On In
2. We Have This Moment
3. Precious Memories
4. The Old Country Church
5. Please Don’t Tell My Daddy
6. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
7. Old Fashioned Medley
8. The Sweetest Song
9. What Sins
10. Good Old Gospel Singing
11. I Believe He’s Coming Back
12. In My Robe Of White
Back Cover
Precious Memories CD


“More Like Jesus” CD


Front Cover Song Titles
More Like Jesus CD

1. Blessed Be The Name of The Lord
2. I Pledge Allegiance to The Lamb
3. More Like Jesus
4. He’s Still Working on Me
5. Yes, I Know
6. A New Name in Glory
7. The First Step to Heaven
8. Jesus is Precious
9. Castles in The Sand
10. Daddy’s Hands
11. Jesus is Alive and Doing Well
12. City Limits
13. Oh, How I Love Jesus
Back Cover
More Like Jesus CD


“Siene Leew” CD


Front Cover Song Titles
Siene Leew CD

1. Oppjestonen
2. Komm Doch No Mie
3. Doa Es Een Stroom
4. Derch Daut Bloot
5. Heelendet Wota
6. Groote Leew
7. De Leew Von Jesus
8. Hee Jeft Waut Mie Fält
9. Saj Daut To Jesus
10. Wie Danken Die
11. Jesus Woat De Däa Opmoaken
12. Ekj Woa Fa Emma Läwen

Back Cover
Siene Leew CD